Kue Balok Unique Indonesian Delicacy


Miaulicious, Kue Balok Batam

Hi guys! Thank you for visiting Miaulicious. For those who love sweet dessert, you MUST try our Kue Balok. Kue Balok is a unique delicacy from West Java, it is crunchy on the outside but melt upon bite. We are using premium ingredient to ensure every bite is heavenly taste! Miaulicious’s kue balok is well known for the melting texture so it is best to eat with a cup of coffee or tea. Miaulicious’s kue balok also can last up to 3 days on room temperature, thus you can use this as a gift for your love one or friends.
Where to Buy?

Astro Food Court Penuin
Near BCS Mall and Grand Mall
Wednesday to Monday

Mega Legenda
Batam Centre

Thursday to Tuesday (13.00-22.00)


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